Materials Libraries

Materials Council leads you in the establishment of your own in-house materials sample library and provides the digital tools enabling its successful operation.

A well organised in-house library is an essential resource enabling architects and designers to explore material options quickly and effectively at the exact moment ideas are generated. It promotes a greater appreciation of materials and allows the development of innovative solutions that would not have emerged through other research processes.

A well organised in-house library is an essential resourceMaterials Council will recommend a physical library system to suit your available space and creative requirements, and populate the library with a comprehensive range of key materials, products and systems to get you started. We also provide ongoing library support maintaining the library in working order and recommending and facilitating the addition of new materials to the library, ensuring their accurate categorisation and input, without the requirement of costly dedicated staff. In-house but out-sourced.

Alternatively, Materials Council can also advise how to best optimise existing library systems or tools to maximise their effectiveness for your practice.

But an in-house materials library is not only an essential creative working tool, it is also an incredibly effective marketing device demonstrating a holistic design approach, complete competence and utmost professionalism to current and potential clients.

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