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Materials Council guide architects, designers, property developers, brands and organisations through the complex process of appropriate materials selection, helping them to successfully realise their creative vision and promoting innovation.

Research report examplesResearch report examples

By assuming responsibility for in-depth materials research we increase its effectiveness, achieve results in shorter time and free designers to focus on the design itself.

Materials Council bridge the manufacturing and creative industries, translating technical data, material performance and constraints, and communicate them in clear, visual and immediate terms; aiding the comparison and selection process of materials and their successful implementation within project constraints.

We offer a comprehensive materials consultancy package to fit any project brief, budget and criteria. Our scope can include working on a specific feature of a design scheme, a specific project phase or supporting a project in its entirety from concept to construction.

Materials Council believe that materials should not be considered as an afterthought; design and materials are integral.

Completely independent from manufacturers, our consultancy is not influenced or compromised by our relationship to industry.

Contact Ian Hunter to discuss how Materials Council can support your project:

Benefits afforded

Awareness of the latest and finest materials, products and technologies
Guided exploration of available material solutions
Supported decision making: make better materials choices
Insight into pertinent design and material considerations
• Exploit opportunities for innovative and exemplary material use
Design differentiation through materials
• Holistic approach to sustainability through complementary design strategies and materials
• Clearly convey the materiality of your design
Strengthen client presentations and bid submissions
Facilitate communication amongst colleagues and with clients
Retention of materials knowledge, insight and research through formal documentation
• Allow designers to focus on design, avoiding arduous hours collating research
• Save time, money and meet demanding deadlines
• Fast-turnaround materials solutions in emergencies
• Specialist resource available as and when required, not permanent financial burden
• Access to specialist resource normally the reserve of only the largest architectural or interior design practices
• Access to our database of manufacturer contacts, guaranteeing you reach the right person to assist your needs


• Rapid-turnaround one-to-one materials surgeries
• Problem/application specific research
• Project consultancy
• Thematic research
• Client and in-house materials presentations
• Workshops and professional development


• Dialogue throughout the research process
• Counsel of suitable materials and specific commercial products
• Comparison and translation of complex, dissimilar data into intuitive, graphical terms
• Detailed, archivable research document
• Sample procurement
• Presentation of research in person, supported by materials layout
• Manufacturer contacts

Clients include

Stanton Williams
Squire and Partners
C.F. Møller
EPR Architects
RAW Architecture Workshop
Liberty London
The Design Museum
Aspire Luxury Properties
Conrad Shawcross


• Architects
• Interior designers
• Property developers and construction professionals
• Brands with a physical presence
• Branding and communications agencies
• Retail designers
• Exhibition designers
• Furniture, product and industrial designers
• Transport designers

Client testimonials

“We had a disaster on site when our new, high-spec insulation product turned up and was simply not fit for purpose. I put the challenge to Ian to suggest a suitable alternative; within an hour Ian had come back with a product that was fit for purpose. The suggested product was ½ the price and 4 times as efficient, potentially saving the client on install cost and gaining extremely valuable floor space.”

– Andrew Richards, associate Studio Indigo

“In terms of the service, we found it excellent. By Materials Council taking over the sourcing and research of the materials, we could concentrate on the design of the space… I would recommend Materials Council to companies both large and small who could benefit from a specialist and extensive knowledge of materials.”

– Tom Kennedy, senior designer GLOCK UK