Innovation Through Design by Ceren Pektas Brad Turner. October 2, 2014.

University of Alberta Masters graduate Ceren Pektas has investigated the material selection process that architects and designers face, asking the question: “Why is innovative use of materials not happening more often?”

For her Master of Industrial Design thesis project, Ceren reviewed literature and conducted interviews with members of the architecture, design, construction and manufacturing industries (including Materials Council) to identify the barriers that limit innovation and suggest how they can be addressed.

Innovation Through Design by Ceren PektasClick for larger image

As a result, she has developed a linear ‘Material Selection Process Map’ that attempts to “summarise and pull together major stages of material selection that can make the analysis easier to practice.”

Innovation Through Design by Ceren PektasClick for larger image

Ceren concludes that greater market awareness, more effective communication between parties and a better understanding of design requirements and the relevant information about materials would save time, increase effectiveness, promote greater innovation and encourage a less conservative approach in construction and architecture.

While there may not yet be an automated system, as Ceren imagines, that understands project requirements and presents personalised relevant material data from manufacturers accordingly, until then Materials Council fills that role.